How Can You Tell If an Underground Sewer Pipe Is Leaking?


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You can tell if an underground sewer pipe is leaking if your water bill increases unexpectedly, there are cracks in your foundation, and you notice an unpleasant odor behind walls and in the yard. You may also notice unusual landscape growth on your lawn and decreased water flow or pressure in your home.

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A sudden spike in your water bill is a common sign that your underground sewer pipe is leaking. If your water consumption has not changed but your water bill is higher than normal, there may be a leak in your plumbing. You may also notice a decrease in water flow and water pressure in your home.

Dripping sewer lines may cause the ground to shift, resulting in cracks in the foundation, sidewalks and driveway. You may also notice a musty and unpleasant odor behind walls and in the yard. The musty odor is due to excess moisture in the floor, walls and lawn. Excess moisture also creates an ideal environment for the growth of bacteria around your drains.

Leaking sewer pipes can release a large amount of water onto your lawn, resulting in unusual landscape growth. You may notice patches of lush and dense concentrations of grass. You may also notice lawn indentation, as increased moisture softens the soil and causes warping.

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