How Can You Tell If Your Dryer Heating Element Is Bad?

To see if a dryer's heating element is bad or not, a homeowner needs to test the heating element. To perform this test, the heating element, a screwdriver, a continuity tester and needle-nose pliers are needed.

Before starting, the dryer should be unplugged, and the screw on the vent clamp should be loosened and released from the back of the dryer. The dryer should be moved so the back can be accessed. The heating element's location differs based on the type of dryer, so the owner may need to access the owner's manual to find out exactly where the heating element is located.

Once the heating element is found, the owner may find that there is a thermostat attached to the heating element. The thermostat is round and black, and it has wires connected to it. The wires should be pulled from the terminal using needle-nose pliers. Wires should also be pulled from the bottom of the heating element.

To do the test, the clip of the continuity tester should be attached to one of the heating element terminals. The needle of the tests should touch the other terminal. If the light glows, the heating element is good, and the issue is caused by something else. If the light does not glow, the heating element should be replaced.