What Can You Tell Me About the Access Master Garage Door Opener?


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Access Master is a line of garage door openers built by The Chamberlain Group, a company that manufactures access-related products including the LiftMaster series. The Access Master model equips either sectional or one-piece garage doors with an automated system that allows the user to remotely control access to the garage.

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Once the Access Master garage door opener system is installed, the garage owner can use a handheld remote control or a keyless entry controller that operates the opening and closing of the door. If the installation is successful, the owner is able to remotely and automatically control access to the garage, such as opening or locking it, using the Access Master system.

The product comes with a comprehensive instruction manual that delineates the installation of the system so that users can follow the guide to convert their garage doors into automated versions. The instructions include planning and preparation of garage setup, assembly of the moving parts, installation of the Access Master system, adjustment and fine-tuning of the garage door operation, actual use and maintenance.

During installation, it is important to test the system before putting it into full use. Part of the installation process is fine-tuning or adjusting the default settings. Some of the features that can be updated or adjusted include travel limits for "Up" and "Down" motions, as well as force or power to open and close the door.

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