Why can't plumbing pipes be used for air conditioning?


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Plumbing pipes can't be used for air conditioning due to differences in sizing. Copper pipe for plumbing is sold in nominal sizes, a measurement that is 1/8 inch less than the outside diameter. Copper pipes used in air conditioning are measured according to the actual outside diameter of the pipe.

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Why can't plumbing pipes be used for air conditioning?
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There are three typical wall thicknesses available for copper piping used in plumbing. The K series has the thickest walls; it is generally used for plumbing that is buried. The L series is used for standard plumbing, while the lightest M series is used for low-pressure applications.

Both air conditioning and plumbing pipes can be purchased in hard or soft temper. Hard-tempered pipes are rigid, while soft-tempered pipes are flexible.

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