How Can a Swanstone Sink Be Cleaned?

How Can a Swanstone Sink Be Cleaned?

To clean a Swanstone kitchen sink, use products such as an abrasive cleanser, a general kitchen cleanser, a nylon scouring pad, a mix of water and bleach or a commercial rust removing product. Swanstone sinks are made from solid surface materials that are heat and impact resistant, as noted by the Swan Corporation.

The actual material used for Swanstone products, which include sinks, counter tops and shower stalls, is a mixture of additives and polymer resins that are compression molded. Although Swanstone is stain resistant, it does require regular cleaning.

  1. Remove simple stains
  2. Wet a sponge product, such as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, in clean water and swipe away any light stains or marks from the sink, according to the Swan Corporation.

  3. Remove the remaining stains
  4. Remove stubborn stains by sprinkling an abrasive cleaner and using a nylon scouring pad and water. Clean difficult food stains by filling the sink with equal parts of water and bleach. Let the mix sit in the sink for approximately 15 minutes. Clean the sink with a clean sponge, drain the water and rinse the sink with clear water to remove residue.

  5. Remove rust
  6. Get rid of rust or other mineral stains by using a commercial rust-remover product. Follow the manufacturer's directions to use the rust cleaner.