How Can Super Glue Be Removed From Clothing?


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Super glue can be removed from clothing using acetone based nail polish remover or mineral spirits according to howtocleanstuff.net. Clothing should be washed immediately after removing the glue.

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Only attempt to remove super glue from clothing after it has completely dried. Apply an ice cube to the glue stain to freeze the product. Hold the ice cube against the glue for approximately 60 seconds. Frozen, the super glue will be easier to manipulate and remove from the clothing. After the 60 seconds has passed, attempt to pull the super glue off with either a credit card or blunt butter knife.

After the bulk of the super glue has been removed, additional glue or residue may remain on the clothing. To remove the left over product, a cotton ball and acetone nail polish remover are needed. Test a discrete piece of the garment to make sure the nail polish remover does not damage the clothing. If the clothing’s color does not fade or the texture does not deteriorate, soak the cotton ball in the polish remover and dab the glue spot.

The remaining glue should easily dissolve from the clothing. Some types of fabric are susceptible to losing its color from this process. If the super glue has stained a delicate piece of clothing that may potentially be damaged by the nail polish remover, mineral spirits is an effective substitute. Once the glue is removed, dab the stain with spot remover before placing the article of clothing into the washing machine.

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