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Learning about antiques requires a combination of research and practical experience. Many websites are available to advise about antiques and collectibles, so it is best to start with a narrow focus. Hands-on shopping and inspecting antiques is also necessary to learn about one's chosen specialty. Finally, learning how to care for specific types of antiques is crucial to building a unique and valuable collection.

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Research into specific categories of antiques or collectibles is where to start when learning about antiques. This research should focus both on the history of the objects as well as on their prices. The Boston Globe suggests websites such as Kovels, EstateSales.net and Collectors Weekly as a starting place to learn about collectibles and antiques. Books and magazines about the chosen specialty also further the learning process.

After research, the hands-on phase of collecting and shopping should begin. Visiting estate sales, yard sales and antique stores is a good way to continue learning. Most antique dealers are happy to help collectors who are just learning the business and will help to find the items being searched for.

Learning to care for and clean antiques is another important part of the subject. Cleaning antique furniture must be done carefully and using the right materials to restore the beauty of the wood. Some antiques may need repair, and some, such as coins, should not be cleaned at all.

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