What Can Be Stored in a Garage Rental?

Rental garages are commonly used for car storage. In most instances, vehicles are to be registered, insured and in good working condition in keeping with the garage owners' wishes. Other items generally acceptable in a rented garage include tools, hardware, lawn care equipment, automotive parts and bicycles. Renters must exercise caution when storing potentially dangerous, combustible or flammable chemicals, such as gasoline or paint, as some garage owners may prohibit these items for safety reasons.

Typically, storage boxes, bins, furniture, books and electronic equipment can be stored in a rental garage. Some garages can be used to house exercise equipment. Athletes may have sporting goods to store, collectors may store keepsakes and artisans may store craft supplies in a garage rental. However, if there are questions about what may or may not be allowed in the garage, a renter is encouraged to ask the garage owner.

Many commercial garage or storage rental companies have safety guidelines about what can be stored in the space and how the space can be used. Items should be properly secured, stowed and organized to keep them from falling or spilling. If allowed, items such as sharp objects, pesticides and firearms that are dangerous to children should be properly labeled and locked.