What Can You Store on Metal Rack Shelves?

With a typical weight capacity ranging from 200 to 800 pounds, most metal rack shelving is capable of storing heavy tools, sporting gear, bulk food, emergency supplies and gardening materials. There are also many unique, decorative storage options.

For an easy kitchen hack, paint the shelving in an accent color that complements the kitchen or dining room decor. Assemble cooking gadgets and materials in coordinating baskets, and place them on the metal rack shelves. This reduces shelf clutter and creates more organization.

Shelves can serve a dual purpose by creating a room divider between the kitchen and dining area while also storing glasses, plates and serving pieces. It also allows the cook and guests to interact more with the openness of shelves.

Metal shelving can also help in a utility room by storing laundry detergents, stain removers and household cleaners. Small sections of shelving can be mounted above the washer and dryer for added convenience in limited spaces.

For an industrial appearance, metal shelves can be added to the living room. They can hold a bar setting, collectibles, records and a stereo. They can also serve as a bookshelf. Turned sideways, shelves can be attached to a wall and function as a funky means of storing books.