How Can You Get a Free Storage Shed?


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As of 2015, there are no resources that suggest you can find free storage sheds as they are. However, you can find the materials to build a storage shed for free and put the structure together for personal use around your property.

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Begin the project by building the walls. Assemble the end walls together, and use a chalk line as a guide to start nailing the perimeters and central studs together. When the central structure to the walls is complete, set up the siding and align the walls together.

Prepare for the roof by adding soffits to the roof's frame. Build the roof in an upside-down formation to avoid using a ladder and risking potential injury. Measure the appropriate dimensions, and plan ahead of time for the type of roof you want to install. Some options are traditional shed roofs with a single slope or double-slope gable roofs.

Prepare all of the walls and stand them together, nailing the walls into place on a central wood platform. Align each section carefully, and nail the appropriate side meeting points together to provide the structure with additional stability. Align the corners, and use chalk lines beforehand to set the structure up. Nail the roof on last and flip the construction over to complete the project, adding doors and windows where you want.

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