What Can Get Stopped up in a Toilet Trap?


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While many items flushed down the toilet cause clogs, large amounts of tissue or human waste are the most common causes of problems in the trap. While the toilet design allows it to handle a normal amount of these materials, overloading stops everything from flowing through the drain, according to SF Gate.

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Sometimes, a storage shelf over the back of the toilet allows items to fall into the bowl or a child drops a small toy in the toilet. When flushed, these unnoticed items stick in the trap and prevent human waste and tissue from passing into the drain.

While toilet tissue is flushable in normal amounts, napkins, facial tissue and wipes are not. Their formulation does not allow them to break down the same way as toilet tissue. Other non-flushable items that stop in the trap include plastic, latex and diapers. While many feminine hygiene products carry the label flushable, they often result in nasty clogs in the trap.

Every home should be equipped with a plunger and a closet auger. These tools clear most clogs quickly. While the job is messy, learning to use these tools properly saves expensive plumbing repair costs and restores proper flushing to the toilet. Rubber gloves and a plastic bucket help protect the homeowner and the bathroom from the germs.

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