How Can I Stop the Noise Coming From a Home Hot Water Tank?

How Can I Stop the Noise Coming From a Home Hot Water Tank?

Eliminating noise from a water heater entails clearing out the water inside and removing dirt and debris. Items needed for the project include a large tub or bucket and a hose. The project involves shutting down the heater, filtering out any dirty elements and refilling.

  1. Power the heater down

    If the tank is controlled by gas, switch to the pilot setting. Electric tanks require turning off the circuit breaker. Turn off the cold water supply by cutting off the shut-off valve, which can be found on one of two pipes sticking out from atop the tank on both gas and electric heaters.

  2. Use a hose

    Connect a hose to the drain valve of the tank, located on the spigot at the bottom of the tank. To prevent air gaps in the heater, connect the hose to a sink and turn on the hot water. Open the drain valve and allow the water in the tank to pass into a tub or bucket. Clear water should eventually run through. When it does, turn off the valve.

  3. Refill the heater

    Turn on the cold water. Keep the hot water from the faucet on as the tank refills. When hot water pours from the sink, turn it off. Turn the gas control back on.