What Can You Do to Stop Drafts From Seeping Under Your Door?


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Stop cold drafts from seeping under doors by installing or replacing worn-out seals and weatherstrips with new ones, screwing in door sweeps or simply laying down draft stops across the door sill. Preventing cold drafts from entering improves a home's heating efficiency and cuts on energy bills.

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Buy self-adhesive weatherstrips from hardware stores or home improvement stores. Cut the strips to the correct lengths and widths, remove the protective backing, and press the adhesive side into the interior side of the door jamb to create a seal when you close the door. You can also screw in a vinyl or metal door sweep to the back of the door so that its bottom touches the floor as you close the door, creating an additional draft barrier.

You can also buy draft stops with polyester fill, or you can sew your own in animal shapes using fabric and filling the head and tail with polyfill and the body with rice. Laying the draft stop across the door on the floor prevents cold air from seeping in.

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