Where Can You Find Stateroom Door Magnets?

Stateroom door magnets are available through several online stores, including Etsy, Zazzle and Amazon.com. Most online vendors offer to customize the magnet with a name, design or personal message.

Stateroom magnets are used to identify and decorate cabin doors, particularly on larger cruise ships such as those offered by Disney Cruise Line. Disney Cruise Line allows stateroom door decoration but forbids the use of adhesives such as tape; all door decorations must be magnetic. An alternative to purchasing a magnet online is to create a magnet using a custom graphic and magnetic adhesive sheets, available through craft stores such as Michaels. Once the design is finalized, it should be printed on photo-quality, glossy paper. Attach the print to the sticky side of the magnetic sheet, flatten to remove air bubbles, and trim the magnet with an Exacto knife to the size and shape desired.