Can Stainless Steel Be Painted?

It is possible to paint stainless steel. There are some products that are specifically designed to paint stainless steel, such as Thomas Liquid Stainless Steel paint. Spray paints like Krylon and Rust-Oleum also produce satisfactory results on smaller stainless steel items, such as cabinet hardware.

The smooth finish of stainless steel makes it difficult for paint to bond properly. The painting process begins with sanding or scuffing the surface so that the paint bonds to the surface. The stainless steel is cleaned with a degreaser and a steel cleaner. The surface is coated with a coat of primer rated for use with stainless steel, and then the primer is allowed to dry. The paint is applied over the primer following the manufacturer's instructions about the method of application, such as foam brush, paint roller or sprayer, the recommended number of coats and the amount of time it requires to set.