What Can I Do With a Space That Used to Be a Laundry Room?


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A space that was formerly a laundry room can be turned into a pantry. Consider placing drawers, adjustable shelves, baskets, drawers and storage units into it to give it a whole new look.

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Any space that used to be a laundry room can be used many different ways, depending on its size and shape. Some laundry rooms can be big while others can be small. Nevertheless, its importance to every home is highly essential as it gives family members a place where they can wash their clothes freely and keep them safely. Turning this kind of room into something else would be very practical and useful.

Before proceeding with the room makeover, it is important to consider the size and shape of the room so as to provide it with the right appliances, furniture, materials and colors that will blend in and accentuate the entire room.

Apart from converting a space which used to be a laundry room into a pantry, it can also be turned into an office area or small study room where you can place your computer, desk, cabinet and shelves. With the combination of right furniture, design, color and theme, the space where you used to wash your clothes and keep them could definitely give you the perfect ambiance of a professional home-based work environment or a peaceful and relaxing study room that you just need.

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