How Can You Soundproof a Room to Reduce Noise From Barking Dogs?


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Some strategies to soundproof a room to reduce noise from barking dogs include caulking weak areas, changing window treatments, sealing doors and replacing windows and walls. When building a new wall, choose a steel-stud frame instead of a wood frame to help reduce outside noise.

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Some tactics to soundproof a room include:

  • Identify weak points
  • Sound is able to enter rooms through cracks, windows and doors. Identify and address the weakest areas.

  • Caulk
  • Caulk any weak areas, including around outlets, heating lines, light fixtures and plumbing lines.

  • Change window treatments
  • Adding heavy drapes or using the window treatments that sit between the panes of glass can help to reduce extra noise coming from windows.

  • Seal doors
  • Add weather-stripping around doors to seal off both noise and heat loss.

  • Replace windows
  • Install double-pane windows in place of older, single-pane options. It is possible to also replace the frames and fill cracks with extra caulking.

  • Replace walls
  • Adding insulation and resilient channel between the drywall will significantly reduce exterior sounds. If the room needs to be re-framed, use a steel-stud frame with insulation rather than the wood framework. Both of these processes require stripping the walls down to the studs or more, so the other strategies should be implemented before tearing down walls.

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