Where Can Someone Sell Cords of Wood?


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Places to sell cords of wood include newspaper or online classifieds, roadside stands and local convenience stores. Sellers can also put up a roadside sign and sell cords out of their homes.

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Where Can Someone Sell Cords of Wood?
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For small cordwood dealers, it is convenient and cost-effective to sell cords of wood from the same place the wood is split. People who process wood away from main roads may need to transport the wood to a roadside stand to attract customers.

Sellers who want to attract a wider audience can use newspaper ads and online classifieds to sell cords of wood. The local newspaper, Craigslist and regional classified-ad websites all bring in new customers. The seller can offer delivery or require customers to pick up each cord.

Printed flyers can be a convenient way to sell cords of wood. Sellers should put up flyers on bulletin boards in grocery stores, laundromats, libraries and community centers. Each flyer should contain contact information and delivery or pick-up details.

In some cases, local convenience stores will sell cords of wood for a fee. Sellers must visit or call each store to work out a deal for storage and commission. The best prospects have high-volume customer traffic.

Sellers must comply with state laws regarding firewood sales and ensure that each cord is ready for transport.

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