How Can Someone Remove Their Drawers?

can-someone-remove-drawers Credit: Dan Saelinger/UpperCut Images/Getty Images

Bottom-fitted and metal-sided drawers can be removed by simply pulling the draw all the way out and lifting it upward to unhinge it from its rollers. Custom or high-end drawers have self-closing guides that need to be unlocked using the locking lever or clip. Most drawers are designed to be simply removed and many come with directions and how to operate them.

Ball-bearing drawers have heavy-duty guides that are designed to withstand much larger weight ranges than lighter-duty bottom-fitted or metal-sided drawers. They have smooth guides and use triggers to be completely removed. Because these types of drawers can handle heavier objects, they are commonly found in kitchen and office settings.

Bottom fixed drawers are more commonly found in bedrooms. They are designed for handling lighter loads like clothing and sheets. These drawers are very easy to remove and install compared to the more complex mechanisms employed in ball bearing drawers.

Most drawers, even ones without triggers, have to be completely pulled out and then tilted up to be unhinged from their rolling guides. Metal-sided drawers work in this same way. They are also installed by wood screws for easy installation and removal.

Different types of drawers also have different ranges of extensions, which refer to how much space within the drawer can be reached when they are pulled fully out. Ball bearing drawers, for instance have 100 percent extensions, but bottom-fitted and metal-sided drawers have only 80 percent extensions.