Where Can Someone Purchase a Used Mobile Home Furnace?

can-someone-purchase-used-mobile-home-furnace Credit: oatsy40/CC-BY 2.0

Used mobile home furnaces can be found through Internet auction sites such as eBay as well as through specialty parts resellers such as Mobile Home Furnace & Supply. Local classifieds sites such as Craigslist often feature used mobile home furnaces for sale, but availability varies based on region and season.

EBay allows users to create a free account and sell a variety of products on its site. Many small businesses use it as an alternative to maintaining their own Web store, while private sellers frequently use it to sell occasional extra items they own. As the types of parties selling on eBay vary significantly, users should read each seller's rating before making a purchase. Each user who purchases something on eBay is able to leave detailed feedback about her experience, thus allowing other users to know important facts about a seller such as great customer service or failure to deliver products as they are described.

Craigslist does not require users to create an account in order to sell items through its site. As such, there is no way to tell how trustworthy a seller is prior to purchase. The site warns users against transferring a seller money electronically, especially before receiving their goods, as a precaution against potential fraud.