How Can Someone Open Small Combination Lock Boxes?

To open a small combination lock box, turn the combination dial to the right until it points to the first number of the combination. Then, turn the dial to the left, passing the first digit once and stopping when the dial reaches the second number. Finally, turn the dial to the right, stopping on the third number. Press on the latch above the dial, which will then open.

Difficulties with opening up a combination box are likely based on the confusing nature of the direction the number dial must be turned to open the lock. It is important to recall that the dial must be turned twice, passing the first number once before landing on the second number.

Once the steps to open up a combination box are complete, the latch above the dial loosens itself so it may open. This may take a few seconds.

If the combination to the lock is unknown, it is sometimes possible to find the combination on the Internet. For more details, check the website of the company that made the lock. All companies do not offer this service. If this information is unavailable, it is difficult to open the lock as the remaining option is to test all possible combinations.