How Can Someone Move a Box Spring Mattress That Does Not Fit Upstairs?

Box spring mattresses that are bulky and inflexible may not easily fit up a narrow staircase and can be temporarily folded in half by cutting two of the box spring's rails. With the box springs face down, remove the fabric covering and cut the left or right rail avoiding the center rail.

To temporarily fold the box springs to fit up a narrow staircase or tight corner:

  1. Cut the frame.
  2. With the box springs face down, remove covering and cut to the left or to the right of the center crosspiece on both sides and center of the mattress. Box springs can fold to easily navigate small spaces. Secure folded ends to prevent the box springs from moving during relocation.

  3. Reinstall the frame
  4. Screw 1x2 wood reinforcements along cuts and outer frame. Staple mattress covering back into place.