How Can Someone Make Electric Lamps From Wine Bottles?

How Can Someone Make Electric Lamps From Wine Bottles?

To make electric lamps from wine bottles, wash the bottles, cut off the bottom with a bottle cutter kit, smooth the cut, and wire it with a 12-foot lamp cord set with plug. Wrap 16-gauge galvanized dark annealed wire around the finished bottle to decorate it.

Materials required to make electric lamps out of wine bottles include a bottle cutter kit, wire cutters and wire strippers, a Phillips-head screwdriver and extra-large wine bottles. A 12-foot lamp cord set with plug and 16-gauge galvanized dark annealed wire are also necessary. The craftsperson also requires multi-use 25-40 watt light bulbs, fine-grit sandpaper and a phenolic socket single-leg hickey and screw terminals.

Remove all labels from the bottles, wash them thoroughly with soap and water, and allow them to dry completely. Next, use the bottle cutter kit to cut the bottles near the bottom, carefully following the instructions included with the kit. It is important to wear gloves and safety goggles when cutting glass.

After using the glass cutter to make a deep scour mark around the circumference of the bottle, use the included tapper to tap along the scour mark. Next, place the bottle under alternating cold and hot water until the bottom comes off.

Next, rub the bottom of the freshly cut bottle on the sandpaper until it is smooth. Run the lamp cord, and plug through the bottle, attach it to the socket, and tie a knot in the cord to prevent it from slipping out. Finally, wrap the wire around the bottle to decorate it, and screw a light bulb into the fixture.