How Can Someone Install Sod?


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To install sod, first prep the area by removing weeds, tilling the earth and fertilizing. Unroll the rolls of sod onto the prepared ground, starting at alternating edges of the area. Press the seams together without overlapping, and use a lawn roller over the area to remove air pockets.

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  1. Remove weeds

    Remove weeds from the area to be planted with a metal shovel. Make sure to remove the entire root system.

  2. Till the area

    Use a tiller to break up the soil in the lawn area.

  3. Fertilize

    Spread a high-phosphorus fertilizer and a soil conditioner or compost over the area. Till a second time to work the fertilizer into the ground.

  4. Smooth the area to be planted

    Rake the area to be planted to smooth the soil, and remove large rocks. Use a lawn roller to smooth the area further.

  5. Unroll the sod over the prepared area

    Apply strips of sod starting on alternating edges of the area. Have the strips meet in the middle in a staggered pattern to avoid one long seam. This prevents weak areas from developing as the sod grows.

  6. Press the edges of strips tightly together

    Use your hands to push the edges of strips together where they join. Do no overlap strips, but push firmly so that the seams are very tight.

  7. Go over the sod with a lawn roller

    Run a lawn roller over the entire yard to compress the sod and remove air pockets.

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