Where Can You Find Someone Who Builds Tiny Homes?


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General contractors, construction workers and freelance home builders with experience in tiny homes usually advertise their services on a contractor site, through online classifieds and by word of mouth. Contractors with knowledge in tiny home construction and plan development often use blogs to showcase their talents.

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Tiny home construction requires knowledge of basic home construction, plumbing, wiring and blueprint development. Most experienced general contractors will have the base knowledge necessary to build a tiny home. If a general contractor is not available, the next option is to hire specialists for individual building aspects of the tiny home.

Another route to consider is building the tiny home yourself. Plans are available that offer instructions for amateurs with little to no experience in construction. These plans range from tiny homes of less than 500 square feet to larger homes of up to 800 square feet, like the houses available from Tumbleweed Homes.

A final place to find someone who can build a tiny home are workshops available through tiny home companies. These workshops help others learn to build a complete home or part of a home and are taught by contractors. These contractors are available to help build homes as well, if the task seems too daunting.

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