How Can Soffit Lighting Be Installed?


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Soffit lighting should be installed in an area where there is at least 5 inches of space for the lights to be placed, the cable should be installed to reach from the switch to the light, the wiring box should be connected with the soffit fixtures, the cables should be stripped, the wires should be connected and the light fixtures should be placed in the holes that are created in the soffit. Recessed and potted lights are the best option for soffit lighting because they provide safety and light features.

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When an ideal location is found for the soffit lighting to be placed, a hole large enough for the light fixture should be created. The fixture should fit snugly in the hole. The space should be measured in between the hole and the switch, and around 10 inches should be added to get the proper length of the cable. The wiring box will then be connected to the cables as well as the fixtures. In order for any cables to be connected, the wire should be stripped to where copper can be seen, and they should be placed together. Depending on the type of fixture that is being installed, the recessed lighting should be connected and placed into the hole.

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