How Can You Find a Snapper Lawn Mower Dealer?

Click the Dealer Locator tab at the top of any page on the Snapper website. Choose an option under Filter Dealers By and enter a ZIP code in the search box. A list of matching Snapper dealers in the area appears under the search box.

The search tool requires you to select an option under Filter Dealers By. The options include product sales dealer, service for product bought at Walmart and service dealer. The page also features an advanced search option. This link pops up a box where you can enter a specific address instead of just a ZIP code.

The closest Snapper dealer matching your search criteria appears at the top of the list with a number one next to it. The dealers also appear on a map to the right with markers featuring numbers corresponding to the numbers on the list.

The search results list features an information box for each dealer. The information includes the name, address, phone number and distance. Links in the box include the dealer's page and directions to the location. Each box also displays icons to show the type of dealer, such as sales or service.

The box for the closest dealer displays all information for the dealer automatically. The rest of the dealers only display the names and distances from the search criteria. Click on the dealer's name to display the full information box.