How Can Snakes Be Kept Away From a Home?

To keep snakes away from your home, perform basic landscape maintenance, such as clearing clutter and trimming the grass and shrubs. If snakes are coming inside, repair any gaps or cracks in the foundation of your house. Remove possible snake food sources from in and near the house.

  1. Clean up your yard

    Regularly mow the grass, and keep it short. Frogs, mice and other snake prey hide in dense brush and piles of leaves. Trim the shrubs, and remove dead brush and leaves. Clean up piles of debris, logs and rocks near the home, and remove any other likely snake dwelling options.

  2. Seal your foundation

    Check your foundation and outlying buildings for cracks and gaps, which serve as entryways for snakes. A snake can enter a hole that is 1/4 inch thick. Fill all of the holes, and make any necessary repairs to the foundation.

  3. Remove the food source

    Besides field mice and frogs, snakes also eat eggs. If you keep chickens, collect your eggs frequently to remove this likely food source. If you have pets or animals, keep their food in sealed containers, as snakes are likely to come back as long as they have an easy food source.