What Can You Do With Small Landscaping Rocks?


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Small landscaping rocks are good for covering the soil of a flower bed or pot and filling in spaces around stepping stones. Another option to use small landscaping rocks is to create water-friendly landscape designs with varying colors of small stones to minimize the amount of water used in the yard without sacrificing style.

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To create a flower bed or pot with a layer of landscaping rock, first churn up the soil and remove any unnecessary debris. Arrange the flowers, herbs or shrubs before planting to ensure the arrangement is as desired. Once you have a design you like, begin to dig holes for each plant. Purchase rolls of landscaping fabric, and cut it to fit into your design, including slits for the plants. Insert the fabric as a means to avoid weeds.

Plant the flowers, herbs or shrubs, and cover them with the appropriate soil. Ensure the landscaping fabric covers as much of the soil as possible. Add about 3 inches of landscaping rock to the bed or pot, and even out the layer. Continue adding rock until you have the desired design.

To landscape a stone pathway, level the dirt for the walk way and lay the same landscaping fabric where you plan to place the stones. Arrange the stepping stones in whatever pattern you choose, making any needed adjustments once all the stones are down. If desired, create a border for the walkway to prevent the stones from travelling. Add a layer of landscaping stones deep enough to be level with the stepping stones.

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