Where Can a Slow Cooker Rack Be Purchased?

Vendors that sell slow cooker racks include Cuisinart, Mills Fleet Farm and Breville. These sources also sell other slow cooker attachments, accessories and replacement parts.

Slow cooker racks are footed metal grates that effectively convert slow cookers into roasting ovens. Many of these lightweight inserts are dishwasher-safe and have collapsible legs for easy storage.

Cooking with a slow cooker rack creates space between the meat and the bottom of the stoneware. Many slow cooker recipes for beef, lamb, veal and pork require a rack. As the meat cooks, its juices and liquefied fat collect beneath the rack. This lowers the fat content of the cooked meat and encourages even browning on all sides.

Another useful slow cooker accessory is the baking insert, which is often used in combination with a roasting rack. Baking inserts are commercially available, but many home cooks improvise by using empty metal coffee cans, loaf pans or other metal baking molds. Placing the filled baking insert on a roasting rack increases air circulation, which ensures that the middle and bottom of the food cooks at the same rate as the edges. Covering the bottom of the slow cooker with crumpled aluminum foil is an effective alternative if a rack is unavailable.