Where Can Shoppers Find Used Windows for Sale?

Where Can Shoppers Find Used Windows for Sale?

Used windows are available for purchase through online retailers, such as eBay, as well as salvage yards, such as Demxx and Bud's Warehouse. DiggersList.com and Build.Recycle.net both curate lists of retailers selling used windows.

As of 2015, eBay listed a selection of pre-owned windows and window parts. The windows for sale ranged from vintage to modern. In some cases, only one window was available, while other listings included several options. Used windows are almost exclusively sold by independent sellers. The listings sometimes require buyers to purchase an entire lot of windows.

Salvage and demolition yards usually cannot keep complete track of their inventory online. However, sites such as Demxx include incomplete lists of their stock that change regularly due to the frequency of turnover. Bud's Warehouse is a home improvement thrift store that often includes used windows in its stock.

Diggerlist.com is a peer-to-peer marketplace specifically for home improvement. Sellers are allowed to list single items or set up online marketplaces with stock related to home improvement, including used windows. The site also allows users to search for stock within a specified distance of their homes. Used stock varies according to what's available.

Build.Recycle.net does not list specific stock. Instead, the site offers a curated list of salvage yards, contractors and other businesses that specialize in used building supplies.