Where Can Sharp Air Conditioners Be Purchased?


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Sharp air conditioners are available for purchase at a number of retail outlets and big box stores throughout the country as well as online. In store, find the Sharp air conditioner of your choice at Walmart or Best Buy, or order online from Amazon.

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Where Can Sharp Air Conditioners Be Purchased?
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Best Buy carries seven different Sharp air conditioning models that vary in price, power output and cooling capacity. On the low end of this spectrum is the 6,000 BTU window unit, which provides 250 square feet of cooling capacity and costs $196.47. On the high end, a 12,000 BTU window unit with 550 square feet of cooling capacity sells for $329.99, as of 2015.

Walmart offers a similar price range on its Sharp air conditioners, ranging from $209.99 to $335, as of 2015. However, Walmart carries 11 different Sharp units within this range, providing a slightly more specific selection. The biggest difference between the two in-store retailers is that Walmart, in addition to window units, carries a variety of portable units that Best Buy does not have.

Amazon.com carries six Sharp air conditioning units, also falling in the 6,000 to 12,000 BTU range. Amazon has the least expensive unit of the three retailers, offering an 8,000 BTU unit, mid-size window unit for $160, as of 2015.

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