Where Can You Find Serta Mattress Reviews?

can-serta-mattress-reviews Credit: Spaces Images/Blend Images/Getty Images

Serta.com offers several customer reviews for each of Serta's current mattress lines, as of 2015. Customer reviews are also available on retail sites such as Amazon.com, US-Mattress.com and Sears.com as well as consumer reporting sites such as ConsumerAffairs.com. Editorial reviews are available on sites such as SleepLikeTheDead.com that cover specific mattresses.

Serta.com maintains a Reviews section that lists its current mattress models, such as the iComfort and the Perfect Sleeper, along with one featured customer review and links to view additional reviews and information about each line. Each review includes the name of the reviewer along with general information about her such as her age, gender and the length of mattress ownership. Each review consists of a star rating and a written section where the customer summarizes her opinion of the mattress. It also includes a rating for factors such as quality and comfort.

Customer reviews on Amazon.com and Sears.com also include a star ranking and written section, as well as labels identifying customers who bought the mattress from the site. ConsumerAffairs.com does not track whether a customer actually purchased a mattress before writing a review. Each review on SleepLikeTheDead.com focuses on a variety of factors regarding the mattress rather than offering a short summary of one user's experience.

Positive reviews at US-Mattress.com mention a high level of comfort, excellent support and reasonable price. Some customers state that the mattress is too soft and depressions form quickly. Amazon.com's five-star reviewers appreciate the cushioning and stability, as well as the cooling technology on some models. Other reviewers complain that they notice a lot of motion, and some mattresses tilt toward the middle.