Where Can You Sell a Used Stove?

can-sell-used-stove Credit: DElight/E+/Getty Images

An individual can sell a used stove through a local newspaper or flier, a local appliance store, Craigslist or other online resources. If the stove cannot be used or repaired, it can be sold for scrap metal.

An individual can list an advertisement in a local newspaper or pamphlet generally for a small fee. The seller should list the item for sale, the price, contact details and any other pertinent information.

Many appliance stores buy and sell used appliances. An individual can find local appliance stores through an online search, local phone book or asking other individuals.

Craigslist is a popular method of selling used appliances, and it also enables the seller to have the item picked up by the buyer if preferred. To sell a used stove on Craigslist, an individual should list the stove’s price, location, age, condition and features. The price should be fair and include whether the seller accepts a buyer’s “best offer.” An individual should state if the stove needs to be picked up locally and where it needs to be picked up. It is best to include photographs of the stove so that the listing gathers more interest from potential buyers.

Other Web resources, such as eBay and unwanted.com, can also be utilized to sell a used stove.