Where Can You Sell a Used Garden Tiller?


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There are many venues through which a used garden tiller can be sold, among them the three online marketplaces and listing boards eBay, Iron Search and Craigslist. Iron Search is a direct listing board and commission site for gardening and farming machinery, while Craigslist and eBay are, respectively, a search-by-locale classified board and an online auction house.

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Craigslist functions as a huge classified section. It can be searched by area and by subject, so users can post used gardening tillers and other machinery and tools, along with descriptions of their conditions and prices or price ranges. Buyers in the area will be able to find those tools and arrange a transaction.

The eBay site is an online auction house where sellers can list items like a used garden tiller and make them searchable by category and keyword. They can administrate auctions to sell these items, allowing them to potentially find motivated buyers or to arrange for direct purchase at a fixed price if they want to sell quickly.

Iron Search is a specialty site which helps to attract a reliable customer base that knows what it wants. Customers can search through the site's listings by type of machinery, while sellers can list with the site in exchange for a commission.

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