Can You Sell an Old Washing Machine?


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Functional washing machines can be sold through classified ads. Expect to get anywhere between $50 to $200 for your used washing machine as of 2015, depending on the age of the machine and its condition. Many factors affect the condition of a washing machine, including maintenance and load size.

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An old washing machine need not be in working condition for it to have value. iScrap is available to help people find scrap metal dealers in the area that accept washing machines. WASH Laundry provides scrapping services for commercial washers and dryers. The value of scrap metal changes daily, but scrap metal locations generally pay per pound for appliances; as of 2015, expect to make anywhere between $18 to $22 for a washing machine.

It is also possible to dispose of old washing machines without selling them. For example, certain charities accept old appliances and come to pick them up from a location. In addition, places that sell washing machines sometimes include free pickup of the old washing machine when delivering the new one.

Note that washing machines often contain hazardous materials. Washing machines that were built before 1972 may contain mercury. Thus, when scrapping the machine, make sure to give it to a company that knows how to dispose of those materials properly.

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