Where Can You Sell Old Antique Toys?

Places to sell antique toys include at online auctions or stores, local retailers, yard sales or via a specialized auction. It is important to get a toy professionally appraised to determine its value before selling it.

Online auction sites such as Amazon and eBay offer a quick and easy way to sell vintage toys. It is a good idea to carefully check the auction site fees to get an idea of how much to expect after the sale. It is also possible to sell to online stores which deal specifically with vintage toys. Compare prices of two or three online stores and ensure that the businesses are legitimate to get the best price.

Another quick way to make money selling vintage toys is to sell to a local retailer or vintage toy store. The price may vary depending on the store but retailers typically offer wholesale value in order to make a profit selling the items.

Selling vintage toys at a garage sale is an easy and convenient way to get rid of old toys. High-value vintage toys may, however, be more difficult to sell or get a premium price at a garage sale.

Lastly, hiring an auctioneer works well for people with large and unique collections. A professional auctioneer should be able to get the best price for the collection or variety of toys.