Where Can You Sell Antique Wood Doors?


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Antique wood doors are sold online through auction sites such as eBay as well as through local classifieds sties such as Craigslist. Some vintage home supply and repair stores, such as Uncle Benny's Building Supplies, also buy old doors and other house fittings.

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Anyone selling items on eBay needs to sign up for a free seller account, which grants that person access to the full suite of selling tools provided by the site. Each seller has a digital storefront that houses all the current listings, as well as any store information and branding material. Seller accounts also feature a detailed feedback system, and all customers who interact with that seller are able to rate the experience. Typically, sellers with higher positive feedback ratings experience better sales than those with few reviews or overall negative feedback.

Craigslist does not require its users to create an account before posting any listings on the site. All that a person needs to post on Craigslist is a valid email address. Because the site does not track users, it does not feature any feedback system and thus no official way to demonstrate sellers' trustworthiness to buyers. To compensate for this, users can provide well written product descriptions and clear high-resolution photos to impart a sense of professionalism.

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