How Can You Scare Owls Away?

Scare owls away with loud noises. Shotguns, firecrackers and bird bombs help scare owls away. Scarecrows are also beneficial. More than one technique may be needed to scare owls and keep them away.

  1. Fire a shotgun

    Point a loaded shotgun safely away from the owl, people, homes and other living things. Fire the gun into the air to scare the owl. This method works most effectively when the shotgun is discharged near the bird, but not close enough to injure it.

  2. Set off firecrackers

    Firecrackers make noise that scares owls. A type of firecracker, called a shell cracker, is fired from a shotgun in the direction of the owl. The noise frightens the bird, causing it to flee the area. Regular firecrackers can also be used.

  3. Try bird bombs

    Unlike shell crackers, bird bombs are fired from pistols. They lack the range of shell crackers, but are not as expensive. Some provide an array of noises, such as whistles, in addition to the loud bang of the bomb.

  4. Use scarecrows

    Owls and other birds think scarecrows are humans, so try placing them around the area where owls are a problem. Scarecrows must be moved frequently to prevent the animals from becoming used to them. Scarecrows are most effective in scaring and keeping owls away when used in conjunction with noises.