Where Can You Find Free Sawhorse Building Plans?


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Find free sawhorse building plans either at the website of the Family Handyman or ToolCrib as of 2015. ToolCrib has 39 free sawhorse plans, and the Family Handyman has five.

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Some of the Family Handyman's sawhorse plans include a cheap and simple sawhorse that cost around $12 and 15 minutes to make. The site also offers a more classically styled sawhorse that costs the same amount of money and takes around an hour to complete. More complex versions incorporate built-in shelves or other space-saving features and typically cost between $18 and $40 to make.

ToolCrib categorizes its sawhorses into celebrity sawhorses, wacky sawhorses, mobile carpenter benches and space-saving sawhorses, among others. Examples of celebrity sawhorses available through the ToolCrib website include the Chris Schwarz Sawbench, named after the editor of "Woodworking" magazine, and Roy Underhill's sawhorse design. An example of a wacky sawhorse is the Five-Legged Sawhorse. ToolCrib also offers Web users access to more complex plans, such as sawhorses with replaceable inserts and special low-standing sawhorses.

Another useful free sawhorse building plan available through ToolCrib is called The Cheapest, Easiest, Ugliest, Most Functional Saw Horse Known to Mankind. Amateur and professional woodworkers alike can put together this simple sawhorse in six steps using scrap materials likely to be laying around any woodworking shop.

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