How Can You Save Money When Purchasing Siding?


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To save money when purchasing siding, choose vinyl siding, which is cheaper than metal or wood siding and stucco. Also, match the vinyl siding gauge to the weather in the area. Higher-gauge vinyl siding is a good investment in areas with hurricanes but is a waste of money in areas with mild winds and little extreme weather.

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Avoid choosing custom colors when buying vinyl siding; white and tan siding are the least expensive options. Use other colors of vinyl siding as accent colors for the house trim or along a gable to create the maximum impact for the least additional expense. Consider using colored shutters to make a neutral siding color pop. Apply this same principle if you want to use stone or brick on your home's exterior. Instead of having a complete brick facade, use brick to highlight a design element, or only apply it along the bottom of the house's facade.

If you choose colored vinyl siding, consider using white vinyl trim around windows, doors, eaves, and interior and exterior corners to save some money. White trim is the least expensive option, and you can match the white trim with white downspouts and other accessories for further savings.

When replacing siding on your home, consider labor costs and long-term savings. Metal siding has the cheapest installation cost. Stucco is the most expensive to install, but it insulates a home most efficiently and offers the largest potential for long-term savings when compared to other siding options.

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