How Can You Save Money When Building a Small Home?


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Save money when building a small home by measuring twice before cutting any wood, renting tools instead of purchasing them and drawing up designs without professionals. Also, using recycled materials and building some of the house without professionals saves additional money.

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Building a small home can be tedious and expensive, so minimizing mistakes is key. Poor planning is one of the number one reasons for overspending, so all planning should be done prior to building and reviewed multiple times. As number of tools are required and they may only be used once for building the house, it often doesn't make sense to buy them. Renting them is a much cheaper option, and they can be found at most big-box stores.

An architect or professional designer isn't always needed, especially with a smaller houses. There are many computer programs available, including Google SketchUp and Pro Architect, that make designing simple. After the plans are drawn up, a professional can then be contacted to give a final look. In terms of materials, recycled material is generally reasonably priced and can be found at places such as junkyards and flea markets. Finally, always shop around and compare prices on all building materials.

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