How Can I Save a Dying Tree?

Saving a dying tree requires taking steps to help the tree grow stronger and develop more resistance to an invasive disease. The tree should have adequate water to avoid it being weakened from drought. People should avoid putting weed fertilizer and mulch close to the tree. Any exposed tree roots should be trimmed. Diseased areas should be pruned.

A dying tree requires ongoing attention that may or may not eliminate the disease. Struggling trees that have the best chance of survival are those that have sustained less than 50 percent damage. A dying tree requires more watering than a healthy tree. Increasing the amount of water it receives provides much needed nourishment.

Another helpful action to take is to have the diseased portions of the tree removed. This immediately stops the spread of the disease. Tree pruning should be done by a knowledgeable professional. Removing the wrong parts of a tree can lead to its death.

If there is grass growing around the tree, care must be taken to avoid distributing weed fertilizer anywhere near its roots. Mulching should not be done too close to the tree. Distressed trees require adequate breathing room. A professional can be called in to trim any exposed tree roots. All of these measures help the tree to survive longer.