How Can You Save on the Cost of Duct Cleaning?


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Homeowners can save money on the cost of professional duct cleaning by comparing prices of contractors and inquiring about discounts on packing services, such as both duct cleaning and vent cleaning. Money can also be saved by personally cleaning ducts and vents instead of hiring professionals.

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Although professional duct cleaning services have powerful equipment to remove debris and caked-on dust within the air ducts, homeowners can attempt to remove some of the residue by scrubbing the vents with a mixture of bleach and water and vacuuming out the air ducts with a long vacuum hose. It may not be possible to remove all of the dust trapped within the air ducts, but homeowners can still minimize build up with touch-up cleaning at the entrance of the air ducts and on the register vents.

Duct cleaning itself can help homeowners save money. For example, duct cleaning can improve the energy efficiency of a HVAC unit, ultimately saving money on utility bills. In addition, routine duct cleaning can protect the HVAC equipment, resulting in less costs for repairs. Homeowners can also save on health care costs by removing dust, pollen build up and allergens within the ducts that circulates into the air, ultimately resulting in less medical costs for allergy or asthma treatments.

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