Where Can Samples of Exotic Hardwood Blanks Be Acquired From?

Some wood suppliers may be able to provide samples of exotic hardwoods. It is best to look for suppliers that deal with exotic hardwoods, as not all of them do. Some good suppliers include Bell Forest, Woodworkers Source and Hearne Hardwoods.

Bell Forest is a supplier of different types of exotic woods. It offers sample packs that provide customers with 22 types of exotic wood blanks to look at. These help consumers see the actual color, finish and quality of the different hardwoods. Some types of exotic wood included in the sample packs are lacewood, cocobolo, tiger maple, East Indian rosewood and Mayan walnut.

Another supplier that provides samples of exotic hardwoods is Woodworkers Source. The samples are milled on all four sides and each are labelled with the type of wood it is. It includes different wood grains, stains and finishes of their exotic woods. Some samples include ash, alder, mahogany African and basswood hardwood.

Hearne Hardwoods Inc. has over 40 types of exotic hardwoods, including amboyna burl, American chestnut, bloodwood and European chestnut. Some of the lighter hardwoods include ash, Austrian red spruce, birch and birdseye maple. Dark hardwoods include African blackwood, bacote, black mulga and Brazilian rosewood. They also have a variety of reddish hardwoods.