Where Can You Get Free Samples of Detergent?

Where Can You Get Free Samples of Detergent?

Where Can You Get Free Samples of Detergent?

Free detergent samples can be found online at ShareYourFreebies.com, SampleBuddy.com, FreeSamples.us, Sample.Target.com and StartSampling.com. ShareYourFreebies.com offers detergent and laundry additive samples, including Gain, Tide Pods and Downy.

The website requires visitors to sign up to receive samples, coupons, notifications of special offers and featured sweepstakes.

SampleBuddy.com scours websites, Facebook and Twitter pages and promotional offers to post them and make them accessible to consumers. Detergent samples include Woolite, Tide Boost Vivid, Gain Fireworks in Wash Scent Booster, Tide Pods and Seventh Generation laundry detergent.

At FreeSamples.us, visitors can sign up to access free samples of laundry detergents such as Surf, Tide Vivid and Tide Pods, Shout Stain Catcher and Woolite. The website also features coupons, special deals and sweepstakes offers.

Samples.Target.com allows visitors to request a sample by enabling browser cookies and answering a few survey questions. One sample is available per household and is delivered in 3 to 5 weeks.

StartSampling.com offers samples on a wide variety of products that includes detergents. The website also has coupons, special offers, recipes and freebies. It posts reviews and comments by consumers who have received samples.

Another place free detergent samples may be available is on the manufacturer’s website. Samples are often provided to promote new products and product updates.