Where Can Salvation Army Furniture Be Found?

Salvation Army furniture can be found at all Salvation Army store locations. The amount of furniture per store varies depending on location and how often the store receives large-item donations.

Salvation Army is a used-goods thrift store that carries all kinds of household and personal items, such as clothes, shoes, kitchenware, furniture and books. Like its other items, the furniture at Salvation Army varies in quality and type. While the store has donation acceptance requirements to meet, the furniture is almost always an a well-worn used condition. However, some locations are more prone to receive donations of higher-end pieces that have seen little to no use. Depending on what type of furniture a customer is looking for, the size of the store also plays a part in the available inventory.

Customers can call to find out if the Salvation Army stores near them carry furniture that meets their needs. To find the number and location, they can use the store locator feature on the Salvation Army website by clicking on the Family Stores tab and entering a city and state or a ZIP code in the search bar. The search results include the address and phone number of nearby stores, as well as hours of operation, a map, and a link to driving directions for each result.