How Can Rust Stains Be Removed From Clothing?


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Rust stains can be removed from clothing through the use of vinegar poured directly onto the stain. The vinegar should be blotted, and the garment should be left in the sun to let the vinegar soak in. The garment should be washed normally, and the process repeated if the stain does not go away.

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The juice of a fresh lemon can also be used to get rid of rust stains. A lemon should be cut in half and should be gently rubbed onto the fabric. When it is saturated, it should be blotted with a white towel. Other colors of towels may lose their color due to the high acid content that is present in lemon juice. There are also commercial rust stain removers that can be used on clothing if lemon or vinegar does not work.

Lemon juice can be used for non-washable pieces of fabric, but it should be combined with salt to help remove the stain. These pieces of fabric should always be left in the sun to ensure that they dry from the lemon juice. A similar method can be used on fabric and furnishings, but they should always be wiped down or vacuumed after drying.

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