Where Can You Find Rose Rocks for Sale?


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Rose rocks can be found for sale in areas like Noble, Okla. This unique formation of barite that resembles a rose in full bloom is more abundant in Oklahoma than anywhere else in the world. The rocks can be purchased in person from this location, but they are also available from online stores including the SpiritRock Shop.

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Rose rocks are formed when crystal structures of gypsum or barite organize themselves in flattened plates and fan out in the shape of a rose. Oklahoman tourism would suffer considerably without the small quantities of rose rocks that have been found in places like Kansas, California and Egypt. It is true, however, that hardly any places around the world can outdo Noble, Okla. in the concentration of these structures. Specifically, these rocks can be found in abundance in the central part of Oklahoma between Pauls Valley and Gurthie. The rocks that collectors usually find for sale have slight imperfections, as the best-formed rose rocks specimens are sent to the Timberlake Rose Rock Museum, located three miles south of the University of Oklahoma in Noble. Rose rocks can also be found for sale on most popular online retail sites, such as eBay and the SpiritRock Shop.

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