How Can I Root a Cutting From a Magnolia Tree?

can-root-cutting-magnolia-tree Credit: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Spread the beauty of the magnolia tree to other parts of your home by rooting or growing a cutting. This process involves pruning a branch from a magnolia tree, preparing the cutting, planting the cutting and caring for it. You need pruning shears, a knife, rooting hormone, a dish, perlite, peat moss, planters, a plastic bag, a mister, a heat mat and potting mix.

  1. Prune a cutting

    Prune a branch that measures between 8 to 12 inches from a magnolia tree. Make sure that the cutting is an upper branch from the tree, has a tip and contains new growth. Only prune the branch from late summer to fall.

  2. Prepare the cutting

    Clip off all the leaves from the cutting. Using the knife, cut 1 to 2 inches into the bottom of the branch several times until you have strips. Remove the bark from this area to improve the rooting of the branch. Mix rooting hormone powder with water into a small container and soak the bottom of the branch in the mixture, coating it thoroughly in the hormone.

  3. Plant the cutting

    Prepare a small, 4-inch planter with peat moss and perlite. Place the cut end of the branch into the potting mix.

  4. Care for the cutting

    Water the cutting with a mister. Enclose the cut in a clear plastic bag. Place the container on a heat mat at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Set the cutting in indirect light. Moisten the soil and mist the leaves daily. Move the cutting to a 1-gallon planter after two months once the roots grow.